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“Attendance is above the national average.” Ofsted October 2017
”Pupils value highly the pastoral support they receive.” Ofsted October 2017
”Pupils are respectful of their school.” Ofsted October 2017

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University Academy Keighley

Spiritual Moral Social Cultural

At UAK we aim to promote the Spiritual, Moral, Social and Cultural (SMSC) development of all students through our curriculum and extensive enrichment programme.  SMSC including British Values is at the heart of learning and students’ experiences and is evident throughout this page and by clicking on the individual hyperlinks above.  Our work to actively promote a meaningful and lived understanding of democracy, liberty, rule of law and respect and mutual tolerance for all forms of diversity including faith and no faith is part of our SMSC provision which includes Modern British Values.

The climate and ethos of any school can have a large impact on the development of young people. A positive climate and ethos will see young people develop effective relationships and high levels of tolerance and respect for others, regardless of their different cultures, faiths or races. There will be many opportunities to experience a range of social settings that will enable a student to become confident, contribute positively and interact appropriately with others. Different viewpoints will be welcomed and young people will develop their understanding of the differences between right and wrong and consequences of their behaviour and actions. And finally, in a positive culture young people are encouraged to be creative and reflect on their own actions and those of others.

At UAK we pride ourselves on the opportunities that students have to extend their experiences and understanding of the different elements relating to SMSC. Below is a brief overview of some of activities and events that we encourage students to participate in.

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