University Academy Keighley
“Attendance is above the national average.” Ofsted October 2017
”Pupils value highly the pastoral support they receive.” Ofsted October 2017
”Pupils are respectful of their school.” Ofsted October 2017

Tel: 01535 210333

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University Academy Keighley

How do I contact the school?

There are different ways to contact the academy – you can call the academy on: 01535 210333 and ask to speak to Mrs Majid (Head of Year 7), Mrs Leggett (Lead Head of Year) or Mrs Petrik-Davies (Assistant Principal & DSL).  You are also welcome to email any of us:

Mrs Majid:

Mrs Leggett:

Mrs Petrik-Davies:

What happens if my child feels unwell during the day?

If a student feels unwell they need to notify a member of staff; we will decide what happens next based on how unwell a child is feeling. They will usually be taken by a member of staff to the medical room; from here our trained first aiders will assess the child and treat them accordingly – they may stay in the medical room to rest, parents/ carers may be contacted to take them home or they may return to class if they feel well enough. 

In case of emergency a child’s welfare will always be prioritised. If it was an emergency an ambulance would be called and a member of staff would accompany the child at all times. Parents/ carers would also be informed immediately. 

What do students do for lunch?

Students can either eat their packed lunch or a school dinner in the canteen. Our canteen serves a wide variety of hot and cold food (including dairy free, vegetarian and halal). 

We have a cashless system and so a student loads their ID card (on their lanyard) with money and then pays for food using their ID card. Some students are also eligible for free school meals in which case the money is automatically loaded onto their ID card. This cashless system avoids students needing to carry money on a regular basis and speeds up queues.

Is my child eligible for free school meals?

This is a national offer and so to check if your child is eligible please go to:

If your child is eligible and you do not currently receive them, please apply on the local authority website:

If your child currently receives FSM at primary school they will automatically receive them when they come to UAK. 

What should I do if my child loses something?

Losing things at school is part of school life. The best way to ensure this doesn’t happen is to make sure they have a school bag and pencil case (which are big enough for all their equipment). The best way to reunite a student with lost property is to ensure items and clothes are clearly labelled. 

All lost property is handed in to student services and kept for at least half a term. If your child has lost something they need to go to student services and if the item is not there they need to speak to their Head of Year (Mrs Majid). 

What should I do if my child is unhappy?

If your child is unhappy it is imperative that you or your child speaks to an adult they trust in the academy. All staff at UAK are kind, caring and want the best for your child. It is best to address issues as soon as they arise to make sure they are dealt with as soon as possible. If you are not sure who to speak to please address all pastoral concerns to Mrs Majid (Head of Year 7), all academic issues should be addressed to the subject teacher or director and any safeguarding concerns should be addressed to Mrs Petrik-Davies (Assistant Principal & DSL). 

What stationery does my child need?

We expect all our students to be ready to learn and this means two things.

  • We expect our students to look professional 

This means they need to wear full uniform, their lanyard with their ID badge (which they will be given in September) and must carry a school bag (big enough to carry an A4 folder of work). 

  • Equipment

Planner (which students will be given in September), pencil case containing: blue/ black pens, red pens, a pencil, rubber, ruler and highlighters.  

How can I help my child over the summer to be ready for secondary school?

Some of the best ways that you can support your child during the summer holidays is to:

  • Spend quality time with them and talk to them about coming to UAK and listen to their feelings. 
  • Make sure they are prepared with their uniform, bag and equipment. 
  • Remind them it is normal to feel anxious, it is a big change and an exciting time in their life. 
  • Read with them as much as possible. 

Why does reading matter so much?

Reading matters hugely here because it benefits children. Research shows there is a significant link between reading ability and success in all GCSE subjects. The link between good reading and good grades is across all subjects including Maths and Science. 

Reading isn’t just about literacy; it’s far more than that. Reading changes the way our brains work, how we relate to and communicate with other people and how we understand the world.  

  1. Reading improved parent-child relationships
  2. Reading improves concentration
  3. Reading builds neural pathways in the brain
  4. Reading teaches children about language
  5. Reading can boost your IQ
  6. Reading can make you more empathetic
  7. Reading encourages creativity

Any more questions?

If your question(s) have not been answered here please do not hesitate to contact us. 

Letter from Mr Skurr (02.03.20) – Letter

Letter from Mrs Petrik-Davies (19.06.20) – Letter

Welcome Pack

Transition Booklet (Coming Soon!)

Transition Videos

Tour of the School

Meet the pastoral team

Meet SLT

Meet the directors

Meet some students

Movement around the school

Break time & Lunch time

Welcome to University Academy Keighley! We would normally have welcomed you face to face for transition days, visited our new students at their primary schools and held a welcome evening for students and families. However we are living in a challenging time at the moment and are adjusting to keep our community as safe as possible. 

You will have received a letter from the Head, Mr Skurr, by now and our pastoral and safeguarding team have spoken to all primary schools about each student individually. You will also receive a welcome pack in the post with forms for parents/ carers to complete and return to us.  We will be sharing videos each week from Monday 22nd June introducing you to the UAK community and will be working with primary schools to hold virtual tours and welcome meetings over the coming weeks. We understand some students are isolating or staying at home and if this is the case and you would like an individual meeting or tour – via Zoom or by phone – please contact Mrs Majid. 

We know that coming to secondary school is exciting and can be daunting for some people too; we encourage you to talk to your son/ daughter about how they are feeling, what might be worrying them and what they are looking forward to. Please do get in touch with us to share your queries or concerns. There are different ways to do this – you can call the academy on: 01535 210333 and ask to speak to Mrs Majid (Head of Year 7), Mrs Leggett (Lead Head of Year) or Mrs Petrik-Davies (Assistant Principal & DSL).  You are also welcome to email any of us:

Mrs Majid:

Mrs Leggett:

Mrs Petrik-Davies:

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