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Science Live

On Tuesday, 23rd January 70 Year 11 and 10 GCSE students visited the City Hall in Sheffield for GCSE Science Live.

On the day students heard from five world-renowned Scientists: Prof Robert Winston, Dr Maggie Aderin-Pocok, Prof Alice Roberts, Prof Lucie Green and Prof Mark Miodownik. They gave talks on a diverse range of subjects from the potential of designer babies, the Big Bang, a bit of time travel and the evolutionary forces that gave the zebra its stripes.  AQA Chief Examiner, Stewart Chenery, also gave students some practical advice to help them do well in their exams.

An eye-opening and thought-provoking day, which for some students challenged their established thoughts.  It also showed them the vast diversity of subjects within Science: Biology, Chemistry, Physics and Maths that overlap to help explain the multifaceted nature of our world.

Here is a snap shot of some of the pupil comments from the evaluation form.

“This gave me an insight as to what university lectures might be like, it was fun and interesting.”

“Very interesting topics were covered, and they related to our school lessons.”

“The senior examiner gave me some vital and useful GCSE tips that I can try to implement.”

“The examiner gave us some really good tips about revision and exams.”

“Inspiring and interesting because the speakers have achieved their dreams.”

“Interesting, cool to see how humans evolved from fish and monkeys.”

“Entertaining and fun.”

“Fantastic exam tips!”

“It has helped to motivate me because one of the speakers talked about their own challenge to defeat their dyslexia.”

“It was detailed and in depth information.”

“I learnt that we should follow our dreams.”

“I felt like I was in a one to one conversation with them.”