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“Ethos of respect, trust and tolerance.” Ofsted June 2016
”Relationships between pupils, and between pupils and adults, are very positive.” Ofsted June 2016
”Pupils say they feel safe, and they are safe.” Ofsted June 2016
”Rates of attendance are above average.” Ofsted June 2016

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University Academy Keighley

Mock Results Event

Year 11 have a taste of the future.

On the 3rd of February the Academy’s Year 11 students were suddenly transferred to a possible future via a Mock GCSE Results event.

The youngsters who sat Mock Exams in January were given the results from these to provide them with an indication of how they may fair in the real GCSE exams, which start in May.

There was a mix of nerves and excitement as the students opened their envelope to see the results.  Staff were on hand to provide information and advice, and every student had been provided with a projection to give them a better idea of what a little perseverance could result in.

The Students, who last month also took part in a special Revision Skills Day, were given some key messages of inspiration and aspiration in a presentation from Vice Principal, Anthony Simpson.

Mr Simpson told the youngsters: “Your mock results are designed to give you a taste of reality, whereas your projections are where your teachers believe you could get to in the summer.  Whether you get there depends on how much you want it now.”

There was no rest for our Year 11 however, as they were straight back to class, striving for those higher grades!