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“Ethos of respect, trust and tolerance.” Ofsted June 2016
”Relationships between pupils, and between pupils and adults, are very positive.” Ofsted June 2016
”Pupils say they feel safe, and they are safe.” Ofsted June 2016
”Rates of attendance are above average.” Ofsted June 2016

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University Academy Keighley

GCSE Results

IMG_1952University Academy Keighley is celebrating some excellent GCSE results today, which show significant improvements compared to last year.  There has been nearly a 100% improvement in the headline measures in English and mathematics with 33% of our students achieving A* – C grades, with many students achieving top grades across a range of subjects.

In addition to this remarkable achievement, every single student at UAK has achieved qualifications and most students have made very good progress from their starting points.  According to the new measure being used in schools this year – Progress 8,  on average, every student at UAK across every subject, has gained a quarter of a grade higher compared to how students perform in other schools in the country.  This also constitutes over three quarters of a grade improvement compared to last year.

Within the overall results for UAK, there are a number of very impressive individual student performances, including:

Mohammad Danyal Javed    – 4A*, 6A, 1B

Zahra Hussain Shah             – 3A*, 6A, 1B

Ayisha Ullah                          – 9A, 1B

Mahmudha Begum                – 1A*, 7A, 1B, 1C

Sehrish Naheed                     – 2A*, 4A, 3B, 1C

Faiza Asghar                          – 1A*, 6A, 3B, 1C

Yasmin Ali                              – 1A*, 4A, 5B

Mohammed Adnaan              – 6A, 4B, 1C

Mrs Bernie Addison, the new Principal at University Academy Keighley stated ‘We are very proud of the achievements of all our students, who have worked really hard to achieve their best in this year’s results.  We are glad that many have been rewarded with the grades that we predicted they were capable of achieving.  These qualifications mean that our students now have the choices they deserve in terms of the next steps in their careers.  I would like to thank the students’ families for their support, our hard working staff team and our Governing Body who have supported the drive for improvement at UAK.  We are now looking forward to an ambitious and exciting year ahead’.