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“Attendance is above the national average.” Ofsted October 2017
”Pupils value highly the pastoral support they receive.” Ofsted October 2017
”Pupils are respectful of their school.” Ofsted October 2017

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University Academy Keighley

Staff, students and parents came together, on the 28th June, for lunch and lots of cake to extend the Eid Celebrations.  Find out more about our celebrations

The lyrical poems of creative duo Ayesha Begum and Shirin Akhtar have been chosen for publication in a national creative writing contest.

Their poems faced stiff competition- with over 6,000 other entries from across the UK in the “Busta Rhyme” contest organised by Young Writers, which is a national organisation that encourages young people to engage in creative writing.

The “Busta Rhyme” competition gives young people the opportunity to write a poem about something they feel passionately about. Ayesha chose to tackle problems in the world and Shirin wrote about how we shouldn’t idolise celebrities and touched on worldwide issues too.

This is a fantastic achievement for our young writers and we look forward to seeing their work published in: “Busta Ryhme – Poets from the North East which is scheduled for publication on 31st August 2017.

Ayesha’s poem follows.

This world:

This is a world where girls are judged on their looks

Not wisdom not intelligence

Not their character nor their personality

On display 24/7

Short tube tops

Skirts made of denim

Ripped clothes

Abused bodies


She’s got another wound

Another bruise

To add to the collection

Their voices have been taken away

Finding it harder to breathe everyday

A different cut

A different look

Trying to block the noise


Forget about those boys

Avoiding all the questions

The problems never mentioned


This is a world where bullying is normal

Telling someone is out of the question

Why stand lifelessly?

Begging to stop? Please please!

Leads to murder

Don’t worry there’s always another

An innocent victim not knowing what’s going to happen


This is a world where they comes home bruised and battered

Questioned by their parents. What the matter?

Their confidence shattered everyday

Tries to free themselves but the pain never goes away

Feeling suffocated, trapped in a cage

Looks like suicide is the only way

So much stress, so much pressure

Time to take extreme measures


This is the world I live in

We said farewell to our Year 11 students on Friday, 26th May with one last Celebration Assembly.

Many students were commended for a year of hard work and contribution to academy life, as well as their excellent attendance and brilliant attitude to learning.

Then, much to the audience’s horror, there was a quick trip down memory lane with a visual reminder of the trips and events enjoyed by the youngsters in the past four years.

But the highlight had to be the Fun Awards- as voted for by staff and fellow students these ranged from ‘Student most likely to appear on reality TV’ to ‘Student most likely to win a Nobel Prize’!

Finally there was chance for a natter over pizza and a goodbye with their friends and favourite staff.

Students from Year 10 took part in a Business and Enterprise Careers Day in May, where a host of visiting businesses provided students with insights into future careers, tips for impressing employers and options for higher education.

The day of specialist workshops, which were arranged by the Academy’s Careers Advisor, Mr Depass and Ahead Partnership, introduced students to different ways of considering their future working life. 120 students had a day away from normal lessons to try each workshop and broaden their experience with the business volunteers, whilst learning about different job roles available in a range of industries and routes into employment.

Students enjoyed mocking up a wind turbine using recyclable materials with Mitie Foundation, tried some forensics with the British Army, considered options for work or further education with Bradford College, examined some interesting facts with The University of Law and discussed internet safety with Cyber Champions.