University Academy Keighley
“Ethos of respect, trust and tolerance.” Ofsted June 2016
”Relationships between pupils, and between pupils and adults, are very positive.” Ofsted June 2016
”Pupils say they feel safe, and they are safe.” Ofsted June 2016
”Rates of attendance are above average.” Ofsted June 2016

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University Academy Keighley

Students at the Academy have literally been over the moon recently.

Students across the Academy were given an exclusive opportunity to try Expeditions is a new project launched by Google which offers virtual reality tours of sights and locations to help students engage with their learning.

google-1Students visited the Great Barrier Reef to see its marine life up close, then popped along to The Palace of Verssilles for a history tour, went up Everest for a bit of geography and then jumped onto the moon for an astronomical science lesson.  All this without leaving the class room!

The event was arranged by the Academy’s Strategic Leader for e-Learning, Mr Turvey, who said:

“This was an amazing opportunity for our learners not only to try new technology, but to experience a wide range of locations and places to help open their eyes and minds to the wider world. In the space of two hours this morning, I’ve been under the sea, to the summit of Everest, toured the streets and Barcelona, and stood on the surface of the moon! The students reactions, from Year 7 right through to Year 13, has been a joy to see, and I think the sense of wonder and excitement they got from seeing these places will stay with them for a long time.”

google-2Due to the Academy’s Google Chromebook initiative and its status as a Google Reference site the Academy was one of the first schools in the area to try out this exciting technology. The Google Expeditions project has only just been rolled out in the UK after its launch in America 6 months ago.

The Expeditions software runs as an app on a smartphone, which is then inserted into a headset to give the students a full 3D experience of their chosen location.  The app is then directed by the teacher so that points of interest and important facts can be identified by the class for a fully immersive learning experience.


The Academy’s Sixth Form students gain key skills for public service.

1st-aid-135 Student from the Academy’s Year 12 who are working towards their BTEC Public Services studies have recently completed first aid training showing them how to take care of casualties and how to respond to emergencies.

Skills that the youngsters one day may find essential especially as the Public Services BTEC is specifically aimed at preparing students for careers in the Emergency Services, Armed Forces and Voluntary Sector.  The 3hr course leading to a certificate in Essential 1st Aid covered: casualty care, primary survey, chest pains, severe bleeding, choking, resuscitation and what to do with a unresponsive casualty. The students watched real life video clips, listened to 999 emergency calls, were given demonstrations and opportunity to practice on medical dummies.

Year 12 student, Ihtisham Anjum said of the course: “It’s something that everyone should do- it’s a life saver!”  1st-aid-2

Subject teacher Mrs. Halim added:  “Students have gained an incredible insight into the work and opportunities within the Voluntary Sector.  They now also benefit from a valuable life skill that will enhance their CVs in preparation for the world of work.”

St John Ambulance School Trainer, Caroline Kennedy-Drabble, delivered the intensive course, with great attention to detail and the majority of our students achieved a pass that qualifies them to administer first aid.